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Standard Glossy Flyers - All Inclusive Price

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This is the most popular product in the family of Flyers, Leaflet and Pamphlet.
This medium-shine stock offers a smooth coated surface which ensures vibrant colour printing. It’s thickness commands respect. Also it is a good choice of stock where high speed handing out is required like in a festival or tradeshow.
  • Paper stock: 80 lbs. Gloss Text
  • Thickness: 5 pt (Approximately 1.4 times thicker than a regular photocopy paper)
  • Finish: Lightly shiny, smooth surface
This product has a total turnaround time of 6-7 business days which normally starts from the next business days after receiving your approved print-ready artwork.
Note: The prices shown here include shipping cost to all the destinations served by the well known national courier services.