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Silky Matte Business Cards

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These premium quality business cards possess three great features that make them an extremely effective networking tool where you want to make the strangers your friend. These cards help you as a hidden hypnotist to influence your audience.

  • First feature is that they feel like silk or velvet thanks to a special laminate film applied to them after printing.
  • Secondly, in addition to the special soft feeling, the silky lamination doesn't reflect light and let the viewer observe all the content and aesthetics of the card design very comfortably.
  • Third, you can have their corners cut to 0.25" diameter round as well.

These features make these cards an extremely loveable and friendly object that cannot be forgotten easily. I still remember my feelings when I held that piece of magic in my hands around 3 decades ago.

Further, these cards are tear-resistant and waterproof which prevents damage and extends the longevity of their life. 

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